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Parent Reviews

Here's what some of our parents have to say...

“We placed our son in Cornerstone Weekday Preschool in September 2011 and could not be happier with the care he is receiving.  His teachers genuinely care about him and the other kids, and the atmosphere is warm and happy.  I’m impressed at how well the teachers learn the little habits of each of the kids and how they really seem to get to know and understand them.  This preschool combines learning experiences and structured play in a fun, safe and nurturing environment- offering far more than just child care or day care.  There’s an indoor gym/playroom and outdoor playground.  Our son had a great year in this preschool.  He is starting kindergarten next year; otherwise we would keep him in this preschool for another year.  It really is all about the kids at this place.”  -Alex & Nadya M.

“My son has only been a couple of months at Cornerstone Weekday Preschool, but he fell in love with the school since the first day.  He has improved his vocabulary and communication ability.  I would gladly recommend the program, it’s affordable and educational.  I feel blessed to have my son in this loving place.” –Aracely G.

“We have loved watching our daughter blossom over this past year thanks to the love and nurturing from her teachers at Cornerstone Weekday Preschool.  She has learned so much on an academic level- but it is hearing her retelling the Bible stories Mrs. Pam told her that really makes us smile.  How great it is to know my daughter is being truly loved while not in my care!”  -Merideth & Daniel L.

“My child has benefitted a lot from Cornerstone Weekday Preschool. She has learned her numbers very well; she is now counting up to 48.  She also learned how to spell her first and last name.  The most that she got out of the program was learning the Word of God- that was very good.  She learned Bible verses she will need to get through this lifetime. She also learned how to get along with others better.  Thank you Cornerstone for guiding my child.”  -Renee B.

“My son has loved being in preschool this year.  He comes home excited about what he has done and proud of his accomplishments.  I love the stories from his day; he tells me wonderful things about his teacher and friends.  Thank you for making his first “school” experience so positive.  Thank you for sharing God’s love with him.” –Rachel P.


“We love Cornerstone Weekday Preschool and the teachers, and so does our daughter.  They are absolutely lovely, caring, and always happy.  We are very happy with the Christian environment.  Since our daughter has started attending Cornerstone Weekday Preschool she has developed confidence, self esteem, respect and kindness.” –Mariana Z.

“Alyson is my only child and she was a little shy before starting school.  Now that she is attending school, she socializes more and her speech and pronunciation is better.  I am very satisfied.  My daughter always wants to come to school- she really enjoys it!”       -Andrea L.

“This year has been a wonderful year for my son as he got to learn sharing and caring for friends as well as alphabet and numbers.  He is an only child and this was his first time interacting with other children.  Mrs. Kristin has been so wonderful and is a part of the reason we will be returning next year!” –Lesley & Chris H.

“I am very happy with this program.  My son has learned a lot already even though he only attends two days a week.  He already knows his numbers and is starting to learn his letters.”  -Michelle D.

“The activities that the preschool kids get involved in make it easy for them to learn.  I think that the teachers do an excellent job of teaching them.  Thank you!” –Shakelia C.

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